The Radiochemistry of Thorium



Lawrence Radiation Laboratory University of California

Berkeley, California

January 1960

National Academy of Sciences

National Research Council

Technical Publications Department

 Nuclear Science Series

This volume which deals with the radiochemistry of thorium is one of a series of monographs on radiochemistry of the elements. There is included a review of the nuclear and chemical features of particular interest to the radiochemist, a discussion of problems of dissolution of a sample and counting techniques, and finally, a collection of radiochemical procedures for the element as found in the literature.

The series of monographs will cover all elements for which radiochemical procedures are pertinent. Plans include revision of the monograph periodically as new techniques and procedures warrant. The reader is therefore encouraged to call to the attention of the author any published or unpublished material on the radiochemistry of thorium which might be included in a revised version of the monograph.

I. General Reviews of the Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry of Thorium 1

II. General Reviews of the RadioChemiatry of Thorium 1

III.Table of Isotopes of Thorium 2

IV. Review of those Features of Thorium Chemistry of Chief Interest to Radiochemists  3

l. Metalllic thorium  3

2. Soluble salts of thorium  3

3. Insoluble salts of thorium and coprecipitation characteristics of thorium 4

4. Complex ions of thorium  7

5. Chelate complexes of thorium 9

6. Extraction of the TTA-complex of thorium into organic solvents 10

7. Extraction of thorium into organic solvents 12

8. Ion Exchange behavior of thorium 21.

V. Collection of Detailed Radiochemical Procedures for Thorium. 28



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