Create Jobs & Opportunities

Affordable electricity and low-cost heat is a tremendous driver for industry and could potentially help spark an industrial renaissance for many established manufacturing communities. Some economists estimate that access to lower-cost electricity and process heat could reduce the costs to build an SUV by about $2,500. This would dramatically increase the competitiveness of American manufacturers. There is great potential to establish a lasting commercial advantage if we develop LCMSRs (Liquid Core Molten Salt Reactors) here in America first.

Global Cost of Energy

Across the globe there is growing pressure to prioritize the reduction of energy costs. LCMSR is a lower cost energy solution that can make the US more competitive.


In America, a reduction in coal and nuclear electrical generating capacity is being replaced by natural gas. At the same time, China is investing significant funds into Molten Salt Reactors that provide energy cost at 50% of existing prices.

Not investing in LCMSR (Liquid Core Molten Salt Reactor) technology at this time could put more American jobs at risk.

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