Desalinate Sea Water

There are various existing technologies that can be used to desalinate sea water and all of them require energy (electricity or heat). Desalination is only economical with the use of low cost energy. A LCMSR (Liquid Core Molten Salt Reactor) can change this paradigm by utilizing Thorium or long-lived nuclear waste as a feedstock for its fissioning process creating extraordinary amounts of heat and electricity at half of today’s cost.


Drinking from the Sea

In many parts of the world fresh water, at low cost, is in increasingly short supply. In addition to the chronic water shortage problems in arid regions, the difficulties are particularly acute in large metropolitan areas which expand faster than the water supply from nearby natural water resources can sustain. For a number of large metropolitan areas around the world the alternative to costly transportation of fresh water over long distances from remote natural sources is the desalination of sea water.

Discover how Suez Environment desalinates sea water to make it potable.

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