Help Diagnose and Fight Many Cancers

The liquid core of a LCMSR (Liquid Core Molten Salt Reactor) offers the unique ability to remove select raidoisotopes that are highly sought after for medical diagnosis and cancer treatments. These include molybdenum-99, Actinium-225, and Bistmuth-213.


In the near future, antibodies and other targeting agents may be developed that can deliver the cell-killing power of actinium-225 to a wide variety of tumor cells. Some preliminary work at Memorial Sloan- Kettering in New York with leukemia and breast cancer has formed a promising beginning. But without the availability of actinium-225 and other suitable alpha emitters this research cannot go forward.

Introduction of LCMSR technology will fulfill these needs while producing low cost, clean, and reliable energy.

Targeted Cancer Treatments

Actinium-225 & Bismuth-213
Unlike existing cancer treatments, these alpha particle-emitting isotopes have the ability to target and kill cancer cells, like leukemia, while having relatively little impact to untargeted normal cells.

Accessible Diagnostics

In 2015, the reactor in Canada that supplies this critical medical isotope for medical imaging tests will be shut down, leaving hundreds of thousands of patients without the diagnostic procedures that they need.

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