Provide Energy Diversity

Efficient Use of Energy Resources

Dependence on foreign energy resources has political and economic ramifications, the majority of which are negative. Our natural instinct is to have control of our own sources of energy so that we can control our own destiny. The volatility of the global oil markets, coal markets, uranium markets, and even natural gas markets, all will at some point impose upon us the reality of a diminishing economically recoverable supply, and escalating costs of, energy resources
The rise in population and standards of living around the globe are causing significant increases in energy demand and competition for fossil fuels and fissile nuclear material. This demand can only be economically and environmentally sustained in the long-term through energy generation from a diverse set of sources. Ultra-safe thorium liquid core molten salt reactor based energy demonstrates the most promise of all of these sources in terms of stability, cost, and impact on the environment. Thorium augments our other energy resources by creating power and efficiently and economically transforming present fossil fuel resources for their most efficient use, at the best cost, with the least environmental detriment.

As we expand market competitive energy generation from the element thorium, we stimulate the entire economy, enable job creation in many different markets, and increase our energy security. Equally important, we mitigate climate change where possible and where it makes sense, and improve the health of our community and the environment.
As demand for energy increases, the costs of energy resources with small economically recoverable reserves will rise as the resources cost more and more to acquire. At the same time, the cost of energy resources that have massive reserves like thorium has the opposite trend; it falls over time as technology scales and improves. Thorium energy diversifies our energy supply mix with fuels that have little to zero cost.

Some have pinned our future energy hopes on coal and natural gas, but they are limited economical recoverable resources that can be more efficiently used as feedstock for higher valued hydrocarbon products such as plastics, fertilizers, and transportation fuels. By using super-abundant, safe, and super-affordable thorium we can generate electricity to power entire continents whenever needed, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

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