Turn Trash Into Fuel

While there exist various mature technologies to produce fuel from waste, wholesale adoption in the United States has been hindered by cost. Gasification systems that convert trash to fuel require a tremendous amount of energy to produce a tiny amount of fuel. Energy is expensive, and that expense causes the fuel produced from gas-to-trash to be expensive in turn.


Thorium based LCMSRs such as a LFTR (Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactor) can economically produce the massive amounts of energy needed to transform our trash into ethanol (a gasoline substitute). The result is an introduction of new sources of liquid transportation fuels, reducing our dependence on foreign oil, and a cleaner environment.

By mating a LFTR to a retired steel mill or a landfill processing station, with technology like that of Sierra Energy we can produce electricity for a community by day and produce ethanol by night.

Gasification Prototype

Sierra Energy’s FastOx gasifier represents a new hybrid of waste gasification developed to address directly the limitations of conventional and plasma-arc systems. Innovations of FastOx uniquely cross industry and technical boundaries, combining best practices from the steel-making blast furnace industry with groundbreaking conversion techniques.

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