Our Approach

We all know that America has had a problem at bringing new nuclear technologies to market. We have known we have had a problem for quite some time. The solution has never been more federal control and throwing more money at the problems of the nuclear industry. History proves that money and control are not the things restraining American dominance in the nuclear industry.

We have a broken system of development and the quicker we admit the problem; the quicker we can get to resolving our issues with domestic nuclear innovation.

Our approach focuses on the decentralization of the federal authority to develop new nuclear technologies through state-based cooperative research and development agreements with the Department of Energy and with the Department of Defense.

Our Story

William (Bill) Thesling a successful hi-tech entrepreneur from Cleveland had been very concerned of the federal government’s draconian energy policy that were the result of polarization and not of science. As an early investor into Kirk Sorenson’s Flibe Energy he recognized the daunting task ahead for new nuclear technology startups. With the legacy nuclear industry squeezing out nearly all other competitors due to the cost to compete and the competition for other energy development funds; new nuclear technology ventures such as Flibe energy had a very hard road to development and commercialization. Bill recognized this was a purely political issue and not an issue of science. The legacy industry is too entrenched and set in its way to foster substantially new technology and commercialize it because the industry is run by utility companies that are by their very nature risk adverse.

Bill founded eGeneration Foundation with the premise not to develop technology directly but to create an environment where the technology can be commercialized.

Meet the Staff

William H. Thesling Ph.D. Executive Chairman
Donald Larson Executive Director
Jon Paul Morrow Senior Policy Consultant
Linda Hansen Legislative Liaison
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