The Proposed Ohio Medical-isotope Economic Development Authority (OMEDA)

What OMEDA is:

  • OMEDA would be an extension of the Ohio State government and would operate under the oversight of the Department Of Energy (DOE).
  • OMEDA would only regulate nuclear research and development activities not currently regulated by the  (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) NRC. OMEDA would not regulate commercial utility facilities.
  • OMEDA activities are required to be funded by the proposed Ohio Medical-isotope Economic Development Consortium (OMEDC). This means the authority would cost Ohio taxpayers nothing.
  • OMEDA would be composed of a board of professionals appointed by the Ohio Governor, the Ohio Speaker of the House, and the Ohio Senate President.
  • OMEDA would only be able to approve of the construction of nuclear research and development centers on property that is currently or was formerly approved and permitted for reactor operations or is currently owned by the DOE. The OMEDA would be prevented by law to use it powers to build reactors at sites that are not currently or formerly licensed for nuclear operation.
  • OMEDA cannot approve any reactors larger than 10MWth without the approval of the Ohio State Legislature. A 10MWth reactor realized as a Molten Salt Reactor (MSR) can be made to be very small to fit inside an average size room.

What OMEDA is not:

  • OMEDA does not replace the NRC
  • OMEDA does not circumvent any safety regulations
  • OMEDA cannot usurp federal laws
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